February 27, 2010

This Makes Me Want To Curse

The CA assembly has passed a resolution to make the first week in March "Cuss Free Week".

Really now? Our legislature spent time and resources on this?

My $1.298 - What a waste of time and money. No wonder citizens are frustrated with the CA legislature.

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Z said...

Hi, MA!! Good to have had you at geeeeZ again..thanks so much for your expertise.

CUSS FREE WEEK, huh? I, in CA, hadn't heard about this. Imagine a world where we need to set aside a special week of NO CUSSING?

A friend in AZ attended a university guest prof's speech, he's a Pulitzer Prize winner, who said the F word and more every other word........When they got back to class, my friend challenged the teacher who was waxing adoringly about how fantastic it was that he cusses so that the kids feel he's on their level. My interjection was that I thought teachers were supposed to elevate their listeners not the opposite! What a world people are so eagerly embracing, huh?

M.A. said...

Hi Z!

I hadn't even considered how terrible it is that we are at a point in our society where language is so bad that politicians feel that they have to do something about it. I was so focused on the politicians actually spending time and resources on something like this.

You're right, it would be nice if the potty language was considered unacceptable, and not encouraged as in your example.

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